Can You Get Thorn From XUR?

Do you need thorn to get Lumina?

Thankfully, no, you do not need Thorn in order to get Lumina.

Thorn is a powerful hand cannon in its own right and is well worth adding to your collection, and if you are interested we have a guide to help you do just that..

How do you get Lumina fast?

How to get the Lumina fast and easy | Destiny 2Visit the cliffside in the salt mines on earth. … System Positioning Device: Follow your next step to a specific chest. … Bearers of Evil: Create 250 motes.Rose Reveal: Defend the Light (multi-kills without reloading), Band Together (50k score Nightfall with friends), Face the Hordes (Blindwell on the Dreaming City)More items…•

Is the Lumina any good?

If you like to play the support role in PvE activities then the Lumina is perfect for you. The weapon does enough damage to make it viable against most foes and the Noble Rounds are perfect for taking down powerful enemies. … Lumina is simply an entertaining PvE weapon that isn’t a must have like the Outbreak Perfected.

Do assists count for Thorn quest?

Assist does not count, void revolver kills gives less than 1 %!

Can you still get Thorn?

Thorn will be available as part of the Season of the Drifter – part of the second wave of Destiny 2’s Forsaken DLC – for those who own the game’s Annual Pass. As long as you have that, you can get started – though you’ll need to find the Thorn quest start location first.

Can you get thorn in new light?

Yes, you will need forsaken + annual pass since thorn is part of the annual pass.

How do you get a thorn on Reddit?

To start the Thorn quest you have to travel to the Salt Mines in EDZ (yes, really) and pick up a broken model of Thorn. To get to this location you must land at Trosland in the EDZ then head directly North. Head down to the mines where you will see a transmat teleporter and use it.

Is Lumina better than Thorn?

Lumina is a cool gimmick and [i]can[/i] be useful in PvE, but Thorn will always be more practical and more preferred by players.

How many kills do you need to get Thorn?

It seems you’ll need around 200 kills with Void hand cannons in the Valor group of matches, and around 300 kills with Void weapons that aren’t hand cannons, or hand cannons that aren’t Void. Note that you also need to make sure yours are the final blows that kill enemies for them to count toward Thorn.

How do I get Lumina?

How to get Lumina in Destiny 2Visit the Salt Mines in the EDZ to start the Lumina quest.Visit the indicated location in the solar system and open the chest.Generate 250 Orbs of Light (can be completed as a team) to receive the Rose Hand Cannon.More items…•

Is the thorn quest hard?

While the Thorn quest itself isn’t too difficult, offering lots of options for how you can clear most of its steps, it does culminate in one very tough mission: a much more difficult version of the Strike Savathun’s Song on Titan.

Can you solo the thorn strike?

The quest modified strikes are next to impossible to do solo. I still have the Arms Dealer strike for the Acrius quest and it says minimum light 300 and it’s impossible to do at 650+. They’re scaled to be extra difficult. I haven’t gotten to this one yet.

Is Thorn good in PvE?

PvE is where Thorn really shines; something it couldn’t quite do at any point in the original Destiny. The addition of Soul Devourer improves the viability of gun tremendously, and with the perk proc’d, the health of most enemies just drains away.

Do you need thorn to get Rose?

“Defeat multiple enemy combatants in a row without reloading your weapon.” This suggests you’ll need Thorn to obtain Rose. If nothing else, you’ll need to know where to start the Thorn quest, as it appears this quest is tied to the same location.