Can You Mix Wood And White Furniture?

What color goes well with dark brown wood?


A dark brown will always be greatly enhanced when combined with a crispy white shade.


If you’re looking to get a much more modern and sleek look that is incredibly relaxing and trendy, then consider pairing brown with blue.






Orange.More items…•.

How do you mix different types of wood furniture?

To keep the look cohesive, here are 11 tips for mixing wood finishes.Shop With Your Samples. … Remember That Complementary Is Better Than Close. … Identify the Undertones. … Keep a Common Element. … Add a Unifying Piece. … Opt for a Mix of Grain Patterns and Sizes. … Scatter Close Finishes Throughout the Room. … Adjust the Contrast.More items…•

How do I match wood in my room?

Think of reclaimed wood and raw edges as accents. Like a rug or an upholstered piece of furniture, they can help marry the wood tones. A really visible grain is your friend. Large wood grains make a space feel rustic and casual, while small wood grains make the room feel formal and polished.

Should all the wood in your house match?

While wood finishes don’t need to match, they should complement each other. Look at the color bias of each wood to see if it is warm or cool, then make sure their undertones match, regardless of finish.

How can I match my furniture color?

Many furniture stores offer the option to buy matching bedroom sets….Mix and Match Decor & Furniture ColorsBegin by choosing one neutral color (like taupe, grey, or beige).Add two brighter base colors (like blue, green, or purple).Layer on a handful of accent colors.

What are the different colors of wood furniture?

Below you’ll find the five most common wood furniture colors, and which ones are best suited for your home’s specific design style.Classic Walnut. When it comes to deciding on wood colors for furniture, the most timeless color is Classic Walnut. … Dark Mahogany. … Natural Maple. … Golden Oak.

How do you match wood furniture to hardwood floors?

To help create that balance, try two-toned furniture with lighter tops and legs that match the dark floor color. Another important factor in a room with dark wood floors and dark wood furniture is the rest of the room’s color palette.

Can you mix dark and light furniture?

Mixing a dark wood (like ebony) with a light wood (like lime) will always look chic and intentional.” If you’re starting with a wood floor and are adding new wood tones (a table, chairs, etc.), consider using a rug to act as a buffer.

Does all your furniture have to match?

For interior-design novices, it can become easy to cling to perceived décor true-isms. All woods must be the same finish! The living room furniture must match! But according to interiors designers, there are many so-called rules that you should actually break.

What color looks best with dark wood?

Pure whites create dramatic contrasts with dark wood, while duller, flatter shades allow wood to glow. If your dark wood has reddish or yellow undertones, choose a creamy white with a yellowish base. Maple can be complemented by pinkish whites, while walnut works better with bluish ivories.

What colors go well with wood?

I generally select neutral colors when I am painting a room with natural wood details, whether cabinets or stain-grade trim. Greens, grays, whites and beiges are no-brainers. Warmer colors, like orange, brown, rust and red, work too, but the deeper tones of these colors work best.

How do you make mismatched furniture look good?

Here’s How To Master Mismatched Furniture PlacementUnderstand The Joy Of The Transitional. … Keep The Palette As Neutral As Possible. … Get Creative With Statement-Makers. … Update Furnishings And Finishing Touches. … Embrace The Mismatched. … Reinvent Sentimental Pieces. … If It Doesn’t Work – Slipcover It. … Bring In New Storage Ideas.

Do dressers and nightstands have to match?

If you love your bed and dresser, keep them and add new nightstands to coordinate. If you love your nightstands, then switch out your bed and dresser for something different.

Can you mix dark wood and white furniture?

White walls look great with just about any color wood furniture. But they look really great when the wood furniture is dark enough to create a stark contrast. Creating contrast is also a great way to mix different wood tones. If your floors are light, dark wood furniture will stand out and visa versa (Ref: 3.)

Can you mix and match wood furniture?

While mixing wood tones is perfectly acceptable—and in fact, encouraged—it always helps to pick a dominant wood tone as a starting point to help you choose other pieces to bring in the room. If you have wood floors, this would be your dominant wood tone. Otherwise, pick the largest furniture piece in the room.

Should living room furniture match dining furniture?

Should the living room furniture match the dining room furniture? No, your living room and dining room furniture don’t have to match. In the case of an open-concept floor plan, you might even choose to differentiate between the two spaces. Of course, if you want to match, that’s fine, too, but it’s not necessary.

Can you mix wood and metal furniture?

Wood and metal blend together beautifully in home décor. Furniture is often constructed using both wood and metal because both are durable, you won’t sacrifice style and you are ultimately left with a gorgeous end result. When mixing wood and metal, you can choose which style you want to lean towards.

Can you mix different metals in a room?

We often get questions about which metals work best together, and the answer is: They all can go together…as long as there is clear design intent! Metals are meant to be mixed, so don’t worry too much about whether they’ll “go together” and instead make sure each finish is a thoughtful addition to your space.