How Do You Analyse A Cat Mock?

Are time mocks difficult?


The mock tests are very tough ( especially for those whose QA is below average) but the final analysis along with video solutions is second to none.

CL Mocks are good too, but I have found many spelling errors and other errors in their test series (not to mention that the calculator is so difficult to use)..

Is a calculator allowed in cat?

It should be noted that you are not allowed to carry your own calculator in CAT exam. You can only utilise the onscreen calculator provided in the exam. The online calculator provided in the CAT exam will allow you to perform only some basic calculations.

How do you analyze a text?

When you analyze an essay or article, consider these questions:What is the thesis or central idea of the text?Who is the intended audience?What questions does the author address?How does the author structure the text?What are the key parts of the text?How do the key parts of the text interrelate?More items…

Which is the best mock test for CAT?

Which is the Best Test Series for CATInstituteMocksSectional Tests / Topic Tests – QuestionsCareer Launcher309,000TIME749,000IMS405,000Career Anna186,0001 more row•Jun 15, 2015

How do you Analyse a test?

How To Analyse Your Mock TestWrite a Mock Test: This is the most difficult part to do. … Analyse your performance: Analysing doesn’t only mean checking your score and then aiming for better scores in the next mock. … Solve the test again: Solve each and every question again. … Study again: Now your entire focus should be on weak areas.More items…•

Does 12 marks matter in cat?

Answer. No 12th percentage does not matter if you are appearing for CAT. … For some institutes it matters while preparing the final shortlist which includes the score of 10th, 12th, Graduation, PI and WAT process, CAT score and diversity scores.

How do you give a cat a mock?

Do’s and Don’ts for Taking Mock CATs1) Focus on building intensity: Make sure you reduce your concentration lapses as possible. … 2) Analyze to death: Do not analyze percentile trends or some such artificial nonsense. … 3) Try out different strategies: The mock CAT series is to find a pattern that works for you.

How many mocks are enough for cat?

You need to take at least 15 to 20 mocks to get comfortable with evaluating different Mock CAT strategies, knowing what to do, what not to do, what works for you, etc. So start taking mock CATs asap! Don’t take mocks back to back. Focus on analyzing your mocks.

Can I get 99 percentile in CAT 3 months?

Solving 5 passages out of 8 easily fetches 99+ percentile. While giving mocks, start building upon your strategy for the final day. So my main focus was to complete the syllabus of quantitative aptitude and practice VA-RC questions daily along with one mock per week when 70-75 days were left for the exam.

What is the purpose of mock test?

Mock exams, if framed right, can be incredibly beneficial for students. Helping them to see that is part of the challenge. They can help students to start revising early, to practise effective revision strategies, to improve their knowledge, to familiarise themselves with pressure, and act as a guide moving forward.

What is a score analysis?

What Is Score Analysis? A score analysis is a document that provides insight regarding individual performance on each domain of an examination. … The purpose of a score analysis is to prepare an examinee for future testing and is provided as a courtesy.

How can I improve my mock CAT score?

How to Analyze Mock CATs to Improve your Scores and Percentile?Rule 1 of Mock CAT Analysis – Focus on the number of errors made. … Rule 2 of Mock CAT Analysis – Look beyond scores and percentiles. … Rule 3 of Mock CAT Analysis – Attempt the entire paper again. … Rule 4 of Mock CAT Analysis – Analyze your question, set, passage selection.More items…•

Is 90 percentile hard for cat?

Crossing the 90 percentile mark is no piece of cake when it comes to the CAT entrance exam, it takes a good amount of hard work and persistence. You would also need to acquire certain additional skills that set up apart from thousands of other fellow candidates who are all vying for a seat at the prestigious IIMs.

Are IMS mocks tougher than cat?

I think TIME mock cats are more closer to actual CAT than other. IMS tends to be tougher than TIME, but I feel at times thier questions are too tough. I guess IMS would be better for people who have already given CAT or are very well prepared.

When should I start mocks for my cat?

When should I start taking Mock CATs: Ideally, a student preparing seriously for CAT should start taking his mock CATs around 8 weeks before the test. Before these 8 weeks, you should complete your basic preparation and be thorough with the concepts.

How many mocks should I give for cat?

I think 15-20 can be considered as a good number of mocks for scoring in CAT. Mocks do play a crucial role in getting a good percentile in CAT. The more mocks you give the better it is.

Are Cracku mocks tougher than cat?

every mock is way tougher than actual CAT ….they are really demotivating. Faculties have already answered that DashCAT 16-20 are closest to the actual CAT level. You should try attempting those. We would recommend you taking mocks from DASHCAT 15-20 as they are closer to the level of actual CAT.