Is Glossy Or Matte Better For Business Cards?

Can you write on a matte finish business card?

If you like to write anything on the backside art of the business card layouts, it is far better to find the matte celloglaze form of finish or even a satin finish.

As a result, avoid using any gloss celloglaze types of finish for the back section of your business cards in order to write anything on it..

What’s the difference between matte and premium matte?

Matte finish paper has a dull coating applied to the paper surface that yields a non-shiny, smooth finish that is superior for color contrast and text clarity. … Our Premium 100-lb White Matte Stock is ideal for printing bright and bold colors. It produces sharp, clear and vivid images and crisp text.

Can you write on matte coated paper?

Matte Coated Paper The matte coating provides a smoother presentation than an uncoated sheet, and softer than the appearance of a glossy sheet. … Pen ink will not smear on matte coating, which makes it the ideal choice for journals and calendars.

Which is thicker 14pt or 16pt?

16pt cardstock is thicker than 14pt, and as a result, has a higher quality feel. The added thickness also makes it more durable and longer lasting than 14pt.

Should I do glossy or matte business cards?

Remember to keep your design in mind when choosing gloss or matte business cards. Your design will look different depending on the finish. … If you are using lots of colors and pictures in your design glossy is the way to go. The shiny finish makes colors more vibrant and does a great job of highlighting contrast.

What is the best weight for business cards?

14 point cardstock is the more cost-effective option for business cards compared to 16 point cardstock. If you have a little more money to spend and you want to produce luxury business cards, it is recommended to choose 16 point.

How much should you pay for business cards?

Generally you should be able to get GOOD business cards for around $100-$200 per thousand, and letterheads for around $200-$250 per thousand. These prices should include preparing your artwork for print, but not going as far as designing a logo for example.

What is an uncoated business card?

Uncoated Paper Stock Because uncoated stock absorbs ink, it’s not as smooth as coated paper. Uncoated stock is used for printing envelopes and business letterhead for an elegant and classy look. Uncoated business cards can be easily written on with a pen or pencil, making them great as appointment cards.

What finish is best for business cards?

Matte Coat A matte finish gives your business cards a more polished and contemporary look. If you are going for a more minimalistic look, matte might be the best option. And with the matte finish, you don’t have to worry about the glare that a glossy coat gives or leaving fingerprint marks on it.

What is better matte or glossy?

If images are not perfectly sharp and clear, glossy papers can enhance the photos. Landscape and still-life shots come out especially well on glossy paper, as do very colorful portraits. Often used by professionals, matte photo paper is free of shine, resulting in more muted colors.

Can you write on soft touch business cards?

Q: Can you write notes on soft touch business cards? A: Yes, but a regular ballpoint pen won’t work very well. We recommend using a permanent marker pen for the best results.

How thick should my business card be?

16-pointThe standard thickness is the 16-point business card, that can tolerate basic customizations without intricate or elaborate designs, and it is affordable for most. The heavy 32-point card stocks can be used to make an impression and also it can withstand relatively elaborate designs.

What is a soft touch business card?

Soft touch printing can add an extra high-end tactile note to a well-designed business card. Its resistance to smudges and fingerprints means it can have a longer life than most cards, and almost without fail, handing someone a soft touch business card can help jumpstart a conversation.

Where can I get free business cards?

4 Companies Giving Away Free Business CardsVistaPrint. One of the biggest example of companies giving away sample business cards is VistaPrint. … 4Over4. This company boasts of having the best free business cards promo in recent times. … Hotcards. … Moo.

What is soft touch lamination?

Soft touch lamination, sometimes called Cellotouch, offers a protective finish with a matt effect and a soft, velvet-like texture. This distinctive finish encourages people to engage with the product due to its appealing surface. … This type of lamination can also be used on both sides of the page.

Where can I order business cards online?

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