Is Hardlight Getting Nerfed?

What’s the best auto rifle in Destiny 2?

Best Auto RiflesHard Light.

Hard Light has had a meteoric rise to power thanks to some recent changes to Auto Rifles.

SUROS Regime.

SUROS Regime can also be switched to a slower rate of fire using Dual Speed Receiver.

Monte Carlo.


The Ringing Nail.

Seventh Seraph Carbine..

Are hard light holograms possible?

A group of Japanese scientists have created touchable holograms, three dimensional virtual objects that can be manipulated by human hand. Using femtosecond laser technology the researchers developed ‘Fairy Lights, a system that can fire high frequency laser pulses that last one millionth of one billionth of a second.

How do I get Xenophage 2020?

How to get Destiny 2 Xenophage Quick GuideInteract with the four statues in the Enduring Abyss near the Pyramid to start the quest;Light the six lantern plates in Anchor of Light;Complete the four puzzles at the end of K1 Lost Sectors on the Moon;Find the hidden symbol within the Pit of Heresy dungeon;More items…•

Is Hard Light still good after Nerf?

It’s a recognisable problem too, because it spits colourful lasers bouncing off walls and all over – not a subtle gun. Thankfully, Bungie last night tweaked this superweapon in a little hotfix patch. Initial reports are that it’s still good, just not monstrous.

How do you get a hard light catalyst?

The Hard Light catalyst drops from strikes and Nightfalls. The harder the Nightfall and the higher your score, the better you’re supposed to see catalyst drops rates, but I’m not 100% convinced that’s true. This will appear as a drop from the final chest in a strike.

Is Ikelos shotgun still good?

You see, for the longest time, the IKELOS shotgun was the king of the Shotguns in Destiny 2. This is thanks to the perch Trench Barrel, which increased damage after a melee hit. It’s still a very good Shotgun, but recent nerfs have broken the crown, just a little. … Picking a Shotgun to use in Destiny 2 is easy.

Did the last word get nerfed?

Last word wasn’t nerfed, it was murdered.

Is solid light possible?

Solid light, often referred to in media as “hard light” or “hard-light”, is a hypothetical material, made of light in a solidified state. The materials is theoretically possible. Experiments claim to have created photonic matter or molecules by inducing strong interaction between photons.

Is the last word good?

The Last Word was obviously a good gun, above average when compared to most hand cannons. But provided that it is specifically a PvP EXOTIC weapon and literally useless anywhere else, it should be good at the job.

How do I get exotic cipher?

Players can get an Exotic Cipher via the Season Pass. The other option is from Xur. As for the Exotic Cipher available from Xur, it’s actually a reward from a quest. Players will need to find Xur each weekend and complete his quest to unlock another cipher.

Where is XUR 2 today?

Winding CoveLocation Guide This weekend in Destiny 2, Xur is standing high up at the top of a cliff at Winding Cove in the EDZ. To find Xur, spawn into Winding Cove and move up towards the top of the area marked on the map. Xur is now standing above you on a cliff.

Is Hardlight good in PVE?

And since the release of Shadowkeep, auto rifles in general received a damage buff for PVE activities, so there’s no inherent disadvantage to using auto rifles anymore. Hard Light takes the centerpiece of any loadout, and as an auto rifle it’s a very good all-rounder to handle any situation.

How do I get hard light?

Unfortunately, to get the Hard Light, you are throwing yourself on the mercy of Destiny 2’s various RNG mechanics. It can randomly drop from Exotic Engrams, or from completing events such as the Crucible, Nightfall, or other in-game activities.

Is the last word good in Destiny 2?

Ultimately The Last Word is best used in PVP. It’s a real monster when you fire from the hip, and really there’s no other way to fire it. In PVE it can be very handy but there’s nothing like smashing the head of another Guardian in with a gorgeous-looking Hand Cannon such as this.

Is XUR at the Tower?

He sells Legendary and Exotic items for Legendary Shards. He only appears on the weekends between 12 PM EST on Friday to 12 PM EST on Tuesday, and his location changes each week. He will appear in the public sector of any of the four worlds: European Dead Zone, Titan, IO, and Nessus or in the Tower. him.

Is graviton Lance good 2020?

Graviton Lance It’s great for taking out mobs of enemies in world activities, but it’s also a solid choice in the Crucible given its great stability.