Is Kicksta Safe?

Why do Instagram accounts get blocked?

If there are other people also reporting your account, Instagram will sooner or late block your profile.

People can complain of different reasons: mass liking, mass following, insults, inappropriate content, spam etc.

So, generally speaking, everything that I mentioned above can result in your account being blocked..

How long does it take for Kicksta to work?

Reply from Kicksta Looking into your account, it appears you only joined two weeks ago. Since our growth process is organic, it can take a few weeks to start showing results.

How do you get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes?

If you want to get 1000 IG followers trial, buy 100,000 coins with your money. Even better, you’ll also be given an extra 75,000 coins at the same time. Step 3. Click on the figure icon at the bottom, choose the fifth plan and you will then get 1K followers on Instagram in 5 minutes.

Will Kicksta get you banned?

When a company uses the liking method, you’ll give them information on your target audience and the type of users you want to attract. Then they’ll “like” photos on your behalf posted by those users. … That way, Kicksta can “like” as many photos as possible for each of its clients, but there’s no risk of being banned.

How is Kicksta?

Kicksta is an Instagram marketing tool that many users trust and swear by. This automation tool allows you to interact with users who have an active interest in your niche. Kicksta uses targeted search tools to find users who may be similar to you in the hopes of helping you gain real followers.

How many likes Should I get with 1000 followers?

This means that if you have 1,000 followers you should be getting at least 40 engagements from them when you post. This means likes, comments and video views. An easy way to spot an account with fake followers is to look at how many likes their recent posts have gotten.

How do you use Kicksta?

How Does Kicksta work? Once you sign up, provide us with a list of target Instagram accounts that have followers that you’d like to attract. These should be profiles that are similar to yours: competitors, complementary brands, influencers in your niche, etc.

How can I get 1000 followers on Instagram?

How to generate 1,000 Instagram followers (organically) in about 2 months:For 3 or 4 days, search for content that looks similar to what you want to post and engage with it through likes and comments. … Examine the quality of the posts. … Find relevant Hashtags. … Use the hashtags properly.More items…•

How do I cancel Kicksta?

To officially cancel your Kicksta subscription, you must fill out the cancellation form. In order to avoid future charges, the cancellation form must be filled out before your next bill date. Please contact us for more information on the cancel form.

How do I stop getting banned from Instagram?

HOW TO AVOID A SHADOW BAN ON INSTAGRAMPost Natively. Don’t Use Bots or Auto Posting Apps. Instagram changed its terms of service. … Don’t Use Banned Hashtags. Simple right? But not really. … Don’t Be Spammy. Being spammy in Instagram’s eyes can get you banned. You want to limit posts to 3x per day.

How long does an Instagram block last?

48 hoursA typical block will last 24–48 hours. If it’s your first offense, your block may be as short as 2 hours. Proceed cautiously! Be sure to review the daily and hourly limits above.

Can you get banned for posting too much on Instagram?

Is it possible to get banned on Instagram permanently? It depends on your activities after the temporary ban. If you keep mass following, spamming and unfollow, and continue to post too many random comments on photos, you may end up getting a permanent ban on your Instagram account.