Question: How Long Does DressLily Take To Deliver?

Does DressLily have free returns?

Yes, DressLily does offer free returns and exchanges.

You can find additional information about DressLily’s free return policies on their customer service page here..

Does Dresslily ship to India?

Practically, we ensure 95% of the orders delivered in time….Shipping MethodFlat Rate ShippingCountry or RegionSouth Africa,India,Israel,Malaysia,United Arab EmiratesCostFREE for orders over US$45 otherwise US$6.99Shipping Time (business days)10-2523 more columns

Is it safe to order from DressLily?

While there are some shoppers that enjoy their purchases, the majority are not happy with the site. While the answer to “Is DressLily safe?” might be a “yes,” it definitely does not seem to be the wisest use of your money, even if there is very little danger to your bank account.

Has anyone ordered DressLily?

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY Ordered through this company and never received my items. They refused to give me a refund as it was delivered but to wrong address.

How do DressLily sizes run?

The sizes run about 2 sizes too small but I would honestly urge you not to buy from this company in general because they will do everything possible to avoid giving you a refund if you want to return something. Any G. They are very small. I would really consider buying anything from DressLily.

Is DressLily a subscription?

Default Subscription to Newsletter for Registered Users. Dresslily can ship from different warehouses. … Whatever the customer orders is what we ship.

Where does Cupshe ship from?

Cupshe ships from the united states and they usually do not charge for shipping unless you want it extremely fast.

Where is my DressLily order?

After your order has been shipped, we will notify you in your Rosegal account here and by email. To track your delivery, please click on the link indicated in the message. It will take you to the shipping vendor website (i.e UPS,Fedex,DHL or Then use the tracking number to follow your delivery.

Who does DressLily ship through?

With internationally renowned logistics operators, including DHL, UPS and EMS, DressLily ships worldwide to more than 200 countries with thousands of orders dispatched securely on an almost daily basis.

Does DressLily come from China?

At least eight brands, including DressLily to RoseGal, are linked to the same Shenzhen-listed company, which is owned by one of China’s richest men. These brands have millions of likes on their Facebook page, but that doesn’t mean they are good, Western shoppers are learning.

How do I return something to DressLily?

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with any item(s) purchased from, simply contact our Support Center. You can return the product within 30 days after receiving the delivery. We will always offer the best solution for our customers.

Is Shein a trusted website?

Is SheIn reliable? If you had asked me the question a few years ago, it would have been a resounding YES. Right now, I’d say they are 70% reliable. In the past, you could pinpoint exactly when your order would arrive.

Does DressLily have good clothes?

All of the dresses I’ve received have been high quality for low cost. I never thought I would be able to fill my wardrobe with such a wide array of beautiful dresses, but dresslily made it easy and affordable. I will truly be using them for a long time. Tip for consumers: Definitely measure yourself and record those.

Is DressLily any good?

Good customer service A bit hit and miss as to the quality of the products. I ordered a dress off them last year and it was a bit smaller than i expected, but other than that i thought it was of decent quality. … and the majority of items i have bought from them so far have been of good quality and look nice on.