Question: What Is The Most Powerful Weapon In Destiny 2?

What is the rarest gun in destiny?

Gjallarhorn is perhaps the most well-known exotic weapon in “Destiny.” Bungie Exotic weapons are the rarest and coolest-looking guns in “Destiny,” the popular shooter from the makers of “Halo.” Each one has its own unique perk, designed to help you in clever ways other guns can’t..

What are the chances of getting 1k voices?

Supposedly there are 2 out of 24 chests with 1k voices in it. That means if all team members have only 1 key each to use, you have a 4% chance of picking the right chest.

What is God roll gnawing hunger?

Gnawing Hunger is a Legendary Auto Rifle players can get in Season of Arrivals. To obtain this weapon, players will need to acquire an Umbral Engram. Focusing your Umbral Engram into a Lead-Focused Umbral Engram gives you a higher chance of acquiring one.

Is Legendary better than exotic Destiny 2?

Until you get legendaries from the Raid, an exotic piece of armor has higher light potential than the vendor and RNG legendaries you will get. Exotic and legendary weapons appear to have the same maximum attack rating, however. Exotics also offer special perks you usually won’t see elsewhere.

Is Riskrunner good?

Riskrunner Two cents: It’s a good submachine gun by itself, but it turns into an otherworldy weapon when you get shot with arc damage. The gun becomes more stable, and vastly more powerful, which is extremely useful for taking out mobs.

What are the best weapon perks in Destiny 2?

These are three of the best perks in Destiny 2: Forsaken, and they’re almost always great on any gun. Outlaw increases your reload speed — useful on most guns — while Kill Clip and Rampage both augment your damage in interesting ways. Perks like Rangefinder are also great to have on almost any gun.

How do you get 1000 voices?

One Thousand Voices can be obtained after clearing the Last Wish raid and defeating Riven of a Thousand Voices. After clearing the Queenspath trial, the weapon can be looted from one of the chests requiring an Ethereal Key.

What is the hardest exotic to get in Destiny 2?

Hardest exotic to obtainFirst curse. … Thorn. … Touch of malice. … Black spindle. … Chaperone. … Swords. … Outbreak prime. 112.

Is anarchy still good Destiny 2?

Anarchy is a great power weapon that allows you to deliver huge damage per second to bosses in Destiny 2, and had led to many hours of frustration in the game with the limited drop rate. You had a chance of this dropping from the final encounter in the Scourge of the Past raid, but the drop rate was pretty small.

What is the best weapon in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Season 10: Best Crucible WeaponsRecluse. … Jotunn. … Hammerhead. … Steelfeather Repeater.Bygones. … Monte Carlo. … The Mountaintop. … Sunshot. A hand cannon that’s offered in Destiny 2’s first story mission, Sunshot hits hard and deals plenty of solar damage.More items…•

What weapon does the most damage in Destiny 2?

Grenade launchers are just insane in terms of damage-dealing. Wendigo GL3 has the highest DPS in the whole game thanks to its Explosive Light perk. Mountaintop shows an impressive number of nearly 55k damage points (and is also available in our Destiny 2 Mountaintop offer with an incredible discount).

Is multi kill clip better than kill clip?

Kill Clip and Multikill Clip are arguably equal to each other. Kill Clip is better suited for PvP when getting multiple kills quickly is hard to do, but Multikill Clip is amazing in PvE activities. Overall, in terms of raw perk strength, Multikill Clip beats every other damage perk in the game.

Is rampage better than kill clip?

The biggest advantage Rampage has over both Kill Clip and Multikill Clip is that you get a damage boost immediately after your first kill, and it ramps up from there. With Kill Clip, you either have to immediately reload, momentarily killing your up time, or you have to keep shooting without a damage buff.

What is the best Destiny 2 exotic?

Destiny 2 exotic tier list (as of October 2020)WeaponTierDrops fromWhisper of the Worm | Sniper RifleBest ❘ SExotic QuestBastion | Fusion RifleBest ❘ SExotic CipherRiskrunner | Submachine GunStrong ❘ AExotic QuestHard Light | Auto RifleStrong ❘ ARandom Engram24 more rows•Oct 11, 2020

How do I get Thunderlord 2 2020?

There are two ways to unlock the Thunderlord in Destiny 2:Find it at random in the Exotic weapon pool.Complete the Journal of the Reef Cryptarch quest line whenever it becomes available, such as during April 2019’s Arc Week (the quest will be available between April 9th and April 23rd)

Is Eriana’s vow good?

As of now, Eriana’s Vow works pretty well in PVE because of its high damage, and you can often quickly finish off yellow bar enemies before they give you any problems.

What are the best legendary weapons in Destiny 2?

Here are the best Legendary weapons in Destiny 2….Note that Pinnacle weapons are not on this list.1 IKELOS_SMG_V1. 0.2.2 Falling Guillotine. … 3 Truthteller. … 4 Gnawing Hunger. … 5 Last Hope. … 6 Arsenic Bite-4B. … 7 Perfect Paradox. … 8 Hammerhead. … More items…•

How good is 1000 voices?

One thousand voices had pretty insane range, but the stat was somewhat irrelevant as the explosion damage isn’t affected by range or damage dropoff. The stability was pretty good, it had a slight bit of recoil but was consistent and easy to control, although still nothing outstanding.