Question: What Is The Plural Of Hero?

Is there an apostrophe in heroes?

Use apostrophes for possession In plurals, the apostrophe comes after the plural form of the word, which may not necessarily be an ‘s’, for example, heroes’ rewards (rewards of the heroes), children’s toys (toys belonging to the children)..

What is the plural of church?

Church. Plural. Churches. The plural form of Church; more than one (kind of) Church.

Can we say zeros?

Generally, the plural is written as zeroes, but can be written as zeros.

What is the plural of cinema?

cinema (countable and uncountable, plural cinemas) (countable) A movie theatre, a movie house.

What is the plural of she?

The plural form of she is shes or they.

What’s the plural of fish?

The plural of fish is usually fish. When referring to more than one species of fish, especially in a scientific context, you can use fishes as the plural.

What is the plural of my?

The plural form of my is our.

Is 0 plural or singular?

“Zero” is neither singular nor plural. It’s nothing. Actually we used to say “nought” instead of “zero”, and “nought” (or “naught”) means nothing.

What is the plural of we?

We is the first-person plural personal pronoun (nominative case) in Modern English. Personal pronouns in standard Modern English. Person (gender)

What is the plural of Buffalo?

the noun buffalo (American bison), an animal, in the plural (equivalent to “buffaloes” or “buffalos”), in order to avoid articles. v. the verb “buffalo” meaning to outwit, confuse, deceive, intimidate, or baffle.

What is the plural for zero?

It’s interesting to note that the Oxford English Dictionary’s Oxford Dictionaries site’s sole definition of zeroes is related to zero as a verb, e.g. “watch as he zeroes his sights on the target”; not as the plural of zero. It states that the plural of zero is zeros.

What is the plural for tomato?

tomato (countable and uncountable, plural tomatoes)

What is the plural of itself?

What is the plural form of ‘itself’? … The plural object form of “it” is “them,” so the plural form of “itself” would be “themselves.”

What is the plural of wife?

The generally accepted plural of wife is wives.