Question: What Is Toppr App?

Who is the topper of BYJU’s?

Shravani PhalkeFirst, discovering Sir Ramanujan’s interest in math and second, BYJU’S – The Learning App.

Shravani Phalke, BYJU’S ICSE topper shares her success story of 99 per cent..

How can I get Toppr premium for free?

Get Free Subscription Worth Rs.4000 for 30 DaysVisit the Offer Page [ Click Here ]Enter your Name and Number.Click on Sign up.That’s it ! It is valid till May 2019 only for first time users.

Why is Toppr the best?

Toppr helps students measure how much syllabus they have covered. Instant feedback reports and strength/weakness analysis decide their next course of action. Our website offers an interactive medium that lets a large student community communicate with each other to compare, discuss and get feedback.

Which is better Meritnation vs BYJU?

If you’re reading this comparison, then you’re probably interested in choosing Meritnation or BYJU’S. Meritnation provides features like , etc. Whereas, BYJU’S provides Library Management, Mobile App, Assessments, Dashboard, Higher Education and other such functionalities.

How much does Vedantu cost?

Since the Vedantu Fee Structure is different as per the different subscription plans, a standard 12 class package for board preparation costs around Rs 2699 per month and Rs 2333 for three months. Whereas a commerce plan is available at Vedantu Fees of Rs 3499 a month or a three-month package for Rs 3333.

What is Toppr Counselling?

About Toppr. Toppr is a learning app for classes 5th to 12th. It helps students prepare for various school board exams, Olympiads, Scholarship tests, and Engineering and Medical college entrance exams.

Is Toppr app free?

From IIT/JEE preparation to NEET preparation, most competitive exams can be cracked using Toppr app. … Toppr app is free of cost. It also offers access to all the video lectures without any charges.

Is Toppr App good?

Madhurie Singh’s verdict : TOPPR excellent tool to prepare for the tests and entrance exams as it has loads of questions to practice. But it is a waste for the foundation classes from the sample videos, learning material, links and chat with the expert.

How many days is Toppr free?

30 daySBI is giving a full 30 day free trial subscription of learning app ‘toppr’ to its YONO customers who are preparing for JEE Main, NEET, JEE Advance, CBSE or other school exams.

Is BYJU good for JEE?

IIT JEE preparatuon tests your grip on basic concepts so you need to work on all basic topics. … For JEE preparation, you need to work on numericals and searching every small topic on Byju’s is very difficult. So it is necessary that you must have a better alternative for JEE preparation.

How much does Toppr cost?

The live classes will cost ₹12,000 a year, all subjects included, with classes for 2-5 hours a week. Toppr’s earnings come only via subscriptions, although it provides free content.

Which is better Toppr or Vedantu?

Vedantu has courses for Class 11-12 students and droppers preparing for JEE-Main, JEE-Advanced, NEET, and KVPY exam. However, Toppr caters to more number of competitive/entrance exams.

Is BYJU’s free or paid?

BYJU’S is a education tutoring app that runs on a freemium model. with free access to content limited for 15 days after the registration. It was launched on August 2015.

Is Khan Academy better than BYJU’s?

Khan academy is providing free content it’s appreciable and it’s good for those who are really doing well with their studies. But Byjus help you to learn from the basics in an interesting manner. It helps kid to devote time and let them be curious to learn more.

Is BYJU’s good for students?

It is clear BYJU’s has put its money to good use in marketing, and has targeted parents of students on its way to raising even more capital. … BYJU’s was started as a standard coaching class for CAT, the exam to get into Indian BSchools, and therefore targeted individuals in the 21-25 age group.

Who started Toppr?

Zishaan HayathHemanth GotetiToppr/Founders

How does Toppr earn money?

Join Toppr community and start earning in 3 quick steps. Apply for jobs in various projects. Work in your own time and get paid monthly. Work in your own time from the comfort of your home.

Who is the owner of Toppr?

Zishaan is an ed-tech startup founded by Zishaan Hayath, dedicated for online test preparation for students appearing for engineering and medical entrance examinations.