Question: What’S The Meaning Of Reprove?

What does the word reprove mean in the Bible?

reprove, rebuke, reprimand, admonish, reproach, chide mean to criticize adversely..

What does it mean to reprove something?

to criticize or correct, especially gently: to reprove a pupil for making a mistake. to disapprove of strongly; censure: to reprove a bad decision. Obsolete. to disprove or refute.

What does zealous mean?

adjective. full of, characterized by, or due to zeal; ardently active, devoted, or diligent.

Is a warning the same as a reproof?

is that Warning is the action of the verb warn; an instance of warning someone while reproof is act or instance of reproving; a rebuke. As verbs the difference between reprove and rebuke is that reprove is to express disapproval while rebuke is to criticise harshly; to reprove. …

What does it mean when you rebuke someone?

If you receive a rebuke, it means that you have been reprimanded, or scolded. The word rebuke can be a verb, meaning to sternly reprimand or scold, but it can also be a noun, because a rebuke is the result of being scolded. …

What does chastise mean?

Chastisement is a noun form of chastise, “to discipline (physically)” and “criticize severely.” Borrowed into English from French, chastise ultimately comes from the Latin castigāre, “to chasten, punish, correct.”

Is zealous positive or negative?

Zealous is the adjective for the noun zeal, “eager partisanship”; the latter has a long e, but zealous has a short one: ZEL-uhs. It can have a slightly negative connotation, and people are sometimes described as overzealous, meaning they try too hard.

What’s the difference between zealous and jealous?

Jealousy is a word we have all used, or rather, an emotion most of us have felt at some point of time. Jealous characterizes a person who is overly possessive or envious. … Zealous, on the other hand, is a super-positive word implying passions, enthusiasm and dedication for something or someone.

What does Rebucked mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. 1a : to criticize sharply : reprimand. b : to serve as a rebuke to.

How do you use rebuke in a sentence?

Rebuke sentence examplesIt was unfair to punish him, but his rebuke still stung. … Thus he paves the way for his tardy rebuke of present disorders, which he reserves until two-thirds of his epistle is completed. … She recalled his long sad and severe look at those words and understood the meaning of the rebuke and despair in that protracted gaze.More items…

How do you use reprove in a sentence?

Reprove in a Sentence 🔉My father will more than likely reprove of my new boyfriend and chase him away like he has done all the others. … If the wealthy woman marries a man outside of her race, her racist father will reprove the relationship.More items…

What is the difference between reprove and rebuke?

The difference between Rebuke and Reprove When used as verbs, rebuke means to criticise harshly, whereas reprove means to express disapproval.

What does crossly mean?

Crossly(adverb) athwart; adversely; unfortunately; peevishly; fretfully; with ill humor.

What do you mean by correction?

something that is substituted or proposed for what is wrong or inaccurate; emendation. the act of correcting. punishment intended to reform, improve, or rehabilitate; chastisement; reproof. Usually corrections.

Who is a zealous person?

Someone who is zealous spends a lot of time or energy in supporting something that they believe in very strongly, especially a political or religious ideal. She was a zealous worker for charity. Synonyms: enthusiastic, passionate, earnest, burning More Synonyms of zealous.