Quick Answer: Does DressLily Have Good Clothes?

Does DressLily run small?

There sizes run very small so know your measurements to order a correct size..

Has anyone ordered DressLily?

Definitely a scam! I used the size chart and measured myself. I ordered what should have been the correct size according to their chart, but the clothes were way too big. If they are going to put the wrong sizes on their chart, they need to pay for return shipping.

How do I return something to DressLily?

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with any item(s) purchased from DressLily.com, simply contact our Support Center. You can return the product within 30 days after receiving the delivery. We will always offer the best solution for our customers.

Does Zulily sell fake products?

Has Zulily been known to sell fake products? … Yes, Zulily does offer authentic products.

Is DressLily a legitimate company?

Is DressLily Real? … Our DressLily review found that it is, in fact, a real business that claims to be a “leading online fashion clothing and accessory store” that caters mostly to consumers looking for a good bargain on a variety of fashion items.

Are DressLily clothes true to size?

They run small, no doubt about it. The best way to order would be to measure your breast size and check their charts when ordering. I love their clothes and have ordered at least 25 shirts. If you give them a chance I believe you will like your order.

Where are DressLily clothes made?

ChinaDresslily is a Chinese women’s clothing company that has been repeatedly accused of scamming customers and is widely regarded as a disreputable company that customers insist on avoiding. Their clothes are manufactured in China.

How long do DressLily orders take?

For relatively simple items and small orders, generally speaking, the average processing time is 1-3 business days (approx.) however more complicated items and/or larger orders can require up to 5 days and, occasionally, 7 days to fully process before shipping out.