Quick Answer: How Far Is London From Philippines?

How much money do I need for 1 week in London?

So, a trip to London for two people for one week costs on average £2,035 ($2,634).

All of these average travel prices have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget..

Is London cheaper than New York?

London came in first with a total cost of $484, whereas NYC came in third place with a cost of $466. Last year, the Independent reported that the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2014 Worldwide Cost of Living survey ranked London the 15th most expensive city in the world to live in; NYC on the other hand, was ranked 26th.

How much is the plane ticket from Philippines to London?

$499 – Cheap flights from Manila (MNL) to London (LHR) (2020) | Expedia.com.

How much is the ticket from Manila to London?

The best price found on Skyscanner for a flight from Manila Ninoy Aquino to London Heathrow is P35,029.

How far is the Philippines from the UK?

6,766 milesThe air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between United Kingdom and Philippines is 10,889 km= 6,766 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from United Kingdom to Philippines, It takes 12.08 hours to arrive.

How much will it cost to go to London?

The average price of a 7-day trip to London is $2,002 for a solo traveler, $3,596 for a couple, and $6,741 for a family of 4. London hotels range from $77 to $351 per night with an average of $148, while most vacation rentals will cost $280 to $590 per night for the entire home.

What is the cheapest month to travel to London?

According to Cheapflights.com, the best time for bargains on flights to London is during September and October. Frommer’s indicates that November 1 to December 12, and December 25 through March 14 are other times to get the best airfare bargains.

How long is the flight from Philippines to London?

15 hours and 10 minutesAnswer: The average Manila, Philippines to London, United Kingdom flight time is 15 hours and 10 minutes.

How can I go to London from Philippines?

Traveling to the UK?Identify your Visa Type. … Accomplish the online application form. … Book an appointment at VFS Global and Pay the application fee. … Prepare the required documents. … Submission of requirements and biometrics on appointment day. … Wait and collect your passport at VFS Global. … Gather your requirements early on.More items…•