Quick Answer: Is Lex Luthor Older Than Superman?

What is Lex Luthor’s IQ?

225Lex Luthor’s IQ is estimated to be 225, which is very impressive.

Batman’s is 192, while Albert Einstein’s is thought to be between 160 and 180..

Does Chloe die on Smallville?

Chloe Sullivan’s meteor powers killed her at the end of season six, when she used her abilities to save her cousin Lois Lane from a fatal stab wound. As the season finale “Phantom” (2007) unfolded, Lois woke to find Chloe dead.

Who is older Joker or Batman?

The Joker was initially depicted as being much older than Batman. However, The Killing Joke presented his origin as a young comedian with a pregnant wife, and he was about 25 in it. This was nine years before the common DC canon, making him 34 now, so maybe the Joker is the same age as Batman.

Who does Lana Lang become?

Years later, the post-Crisis Lana eventually married Pete Ross. The two settled into a quiet life in Smallville, where they had a son they named after their mutual friend, Clark. They picked this name for their son after Lana asked Clark to save his life when a car accident caused him to be born eight weeks premature.

Was Lex Luthor friends with Superman?

It is interesting to note that Lex Luthor and Superman already had a retcon in their relationship. In Adventure Comics #271, we learned that they knew each other when they were teens together back in Smallville. … While the Lex and Superman of Parallel Earth are friends as Lex-2 never indulged in crime.

Why does Lex Luthor hate Clark Kent?

Having come across violent aliens in the past, Lex was convinced that Clark was on Earth to destroy it and, in order to save the world, he must kill Clark. Lex’s realization left him bitter and betrayed.

Is Superman stronger than Batman?

While Superman is arguably DC Comic’s most popular character (Batman surely has something to say about that), he’s by no means the most powerful. … If Batman, who is human, had had moments of being more powerful than Superman, then there are surely other DC heroes who have done the same.

Is Lionel Luthor a good guy?

Does anyone know what it was that made Lionel Luthor become a good guy? He was a Villain at the beginning of the series, but later became good.

Does Lex know Clark secret?

Season 7, episode 20: “Arctic” After years of trying to figure out Clark’s secret, and a season of getting to the bottom of the Veritas mythology surrounding the Last Son/Traveler, Lex finally figured out that Clark was the alien at the center of everything.

How much older is Lex Luthor than Clark Kent?

Lex is probably 4-5 years older than Clark.

Who is older Superman or Batman?

Superman is a year older than Batman. The character debuted in 1938 for DC Comics and was an instant hit, so the creation of more superheros followed, including Batman in 1939.

Is Bruce Wayne older than Clark Kent?

Bruce Wayne’s Birthday is before Clark Kent’s and Kal-El’s in most canon. Batman is also active before Superman makes his debut in most canon. This makes Bruce/Batman older than Clark/Superman a garentee in most canon, but Kal-El possibly “technically” older in a small percent of them depending on how you reckon time.

Why did Lex kill Lionel?

Lex blocked guests (sans Clark) at Lionel’s funeral. As Lionel had killed his parents, Lex killed Lionel, proving that he was a product of Lionel’s parenting.

What age is Batman vs Superman?

Batman v Superman picture preview The PG-13 rating suggests that “some material may be inappropriate for children younger than 13”, with parents “urged to be cautious”.

Who is Superman’s enemy?

Lex LuthorLex Luthor is easily Superman’s most prominent enemy.