Which PowerApps Plan Do I Have?

How do I know what version of PowerApps I have?

If you open the Windows Store App on your computer and go to ‘Downloads and Updates’, the list will show the version of PowerApps that you have, and it’ll also show if a newer version is available.

If you click the Account menu in PowerApps Studio, you’ll find your version number there..

What are PowerApps for?

PowerApps at its core is a Platform as a Service. It allows you to create Mobile Apps that run on Android, iOS, Windows (Modern Apps) – and with almost any Internet browser. PowerApps is also a mobile app!

How do I use PowerApps on my phone?

Here’s how you do it:Open the PowerApps player on your mobile device.Tap the ellipses button next to the PowerApp you want to add to your home screen.Tap Pin to Home.Finally, just tap the icon for the PowerApp on your device’s home screen to launch it.

Can I use PowerApps without license?

PowerApps and Flow can be used only within the Office 365 tenant – this means in your own organization: Every user needs to login with his (company’s) Office 365 credentials. No company login, no access. Every user who wants to use a PowerApps app, needs a license.

Is PowerApps included in Office 365?

1) Included – Office 365 – using PowerApps within the context of Office 365 is included in the service at no additional charge. Qualifying licenses for PowerApps include Business Premium, Business Essentials, F1 Plan, and the E1-E5 Enterprise Plans.

How do I restore an old version of PowerApps?

Go to “Apps” from the PowerApps Home screen. Select the app for which we wish to restore the version. Go to the “Version” tab. Select the version you wish to restore and click the “Restore” button.

Is PowerApps any good?

PowerApps is very good in creating professional apps with no code required. We are currently using PowerApps to integrate with SharePoint Online list and to display user data from other sources. It’s being used by the whole organization to display users information daily on basis.

How much does Microsoft PowerApps cost?

PowerApps per app plan. Pricing will be $10 user/app/month.

How do I unlock PowerApps?

Then you just need to close the right hand sidebar by clicking on the X in the top right. Do that twice, because of course you should. Now you’re at a screen where you’ll be able to re-open your PowerApp by clicking on ‘Edit’ next to its name. So that’s it.