Who Played Bruce Wayne In The Last Episode Of Gotham?

Who was Batman at the end of Gotham?

Gotham’s ending delivered Batman’s beginning.

But as epic as the series finale of the Fox Batman prequel was in debuting the fully realized caped crusader, Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) was barely in the hour at all..

Who will play older Bruce Wayne in Gotham?

Bruce Wayne (Gotham)Bruce Wayne The Dark KnightLast appearance”The Beginning…” April 25, 2019Based onBatman by Bob Kane Bill FingerAdapted byBruno HellerPortrayed byDavid Mazouz (Original) Mikhail Mudrik (Older)12 more rows

How old is Bruce Wayne at the end of Gotham?

How old is Bruce Wayne in Gotham (TV show)? The timeline in Gotham is really weird but in the pilot episode he’s 12 and I think by the end of the season a year has almost gone by so he’s 13 by the end of season 1. Then 14–15 in s2, 16 in s3 and 17 in s4a.

Where did Bruce go when he left Gotham?

He left to train. In Comics Bruce Wayne travelled the world for years and had a lot of martial arts training before becoming a crimefighter.