Why Should You Be Chosen As A Prefect?

Is Draco a prefect?

Draco Malfoy If there was any prefect who abused his power for no other reason than to lord it over the other characters, it was Draco..

Who married Draco?

Astoria GreengrassDraco Malfoy/Spouse

How can a prefect maintain discipline in school?

10 Awesome Tips to Manage School Discipline IssuesBe Organized.Deal with Problems Right from the Start.Have Good Control Procedures.Teach the Procedures Well.Keep your Students Engaged.Move Around the Classroom.Develop a Rapport with the Students.Be Professional.More items…

Why do you want to be a school prefect speech?

As a leader, I strongly believe in our school values of discipline, respect, integrity and resilience. A leader should have strong principles, is forward-looking, do the right thing and take pride in their work. … This is the main reason why I would like to contribute to the school by becoming the Head Prefect.

How do I pass a prefect interview?

Re: Prefect Interview Tips to ace the interview, be very confident in speech, mannerism and presentation of yourself during interview. Remember to smile, be honest in answering questions, don’t know say don’t know and show enthusiasm. Be polite and be optimistic. Have a sense of self-worth and high self-esteem.

What makes a good prefect application?

We need successful candidates to:Be positive about the school and wish to share their enthusiasm with visitors to the school and other students.Be good role models to all students.Lead by example.Be reliable and trustworthy.Be kind and caring towards, and supportive of, other students.More items…

How prefects are chosen?

Whilst members of the School Council are chosen democratically by children, prefects are identified by the Year 6 team. Prefects are awarded badges that identify them to staff, pupils and visitors. Pupils are selected for their ability to lead others and are, indeed, pupil leaders.

Why was Draco a prefect?

Dumbledore saw the good in most people. He probably pitied Draco and recognized that he was a product of his upbringing. By making him Prefect, he essentially threw the kid a bone. … By recognizing Draco, Dumbledore may have hoped to help Draco find a better path than his family had him on.

Why are you interested in housekeeping position?

Tell Me Why Did You Choose To Work On This Housekeeping Position? Answer : I have exceptional cleaning skills which make me comfortable while performing different kinds of cleaning and sanitization tasks. … Because of these skills, I have the capability to provide exceptional housekeeping services.

Why was Harry not made a prefect?

Dumbledore felt that with being the Boy Who Lived and The Chosen One, Harry didn’t need to have anything else heaped on him. Therefore, he gave the position of male Gryffindor Prefect (there are two from each house, a boy and a girl) to Ronald Weasley.

What does it mean to be a prefect at school?

Academic. In the context of schools, a prefect is a pupil who has been given certain responsibilities in the school, similar to the responsibilities given to a hall monitor or safety patrol members.

Why did Dumbledore make Draco a prefect?

Maybe Dumbledore gave him the role of prefect to perhaps strengthen his ties to Hogwarts, make him less likely to betray them. … Dumbledore had some kind of faith in Draco and knew that he wasn’t a bad person at his core. He knew that Draco wouldn’t kill.

Is Draco Malfoy evil?

Draco may have been the epitome of evil for a long time in the Harry Potter series, but things turned around for the better. Even still in adulthood, Draco has the ability to effect the world negatively, but he no longer acts on it as he used to, or as his father did.

What would you do if you become a prefect?

If I am a prefect …….I will try to set a good example by having good and positive attitude. … I will follow the school rules and tell the students to follow it if they are not.I will be there for any work that has to be done by the prefect.I will be approachable to the students.More items…

Does being a prefect matter?

Becoming a prefect is a great opportunity to master leadership which you will need even in your adulthood. In fact research shows that many successful people in the world today held positions of responsibility while still at school. It is actually good for your CV. … Prefects have advantages over other ordinary students.

Why is the role of a prefect important at school?

Prefects are expected to establish and maintain the highest standards of behaviour, attitude and appearance at all times and provide a positive role model for other pupils. They are appointed each year to undertake various roles and responsibilities around the School.

What skills does a prefect need?

Be positive and enthusiastic, encouraging and motivating fellow students. Be cooperative, helpful, well-mannered, trustworthy, and responsible. Be respectful toward teachers, your peers, and the school environment. Display leadership qualities: confidence, initiative, problem-solving skills.

Why did Dumbledore make Ron a prefect?

Dumbledore made Ron a prefect because he knew Ron needed a vote of confidence. … He was in need of recognition and Dumbledore saw that. Conversely, Harry had more than enough recognition, and making him a prefect would’ve just been one more reason for people to have an opinion on him and his behavior.

Why do I want to be a head girl?

“I want to be a head girl because I want to push myself for leadership experience. … I want to be a leader not a follower, for which I want to grasp this opportunity and explore my leadership skills. Being a head girl I want to seek respect and love of people . I even want to push others to become leader.”

What are the qualities of a head girl?

Your institution may allow you to nominate yourself for the position of Head Boy or Head Girl….Teachers often nominate students that possess the following qualities and skills:Detail oriented.Caring.Respectful.Reliable.Strong leader.Effective communicator.Polished public speaker.Involved in school and student life.

What should I say in a prefect interview?

Tell me about yourself. … What are your weaknesses? … Why should we choose you for this job? … What are your hobbies outside of work? … Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? … Why are you leaving your current position? … What are your main strengths? … Why do you want to work here?More items…•

Does Harry Potter ever become a prefect?

In fact, he was extremely surprised to be chosen as a prefect as he expected Professor Dumbledore would have chosen Harry. Dumbledore thought Harry would have too much on his mind and gave it to Ron instead.

Did Draco really love Hermione?

There is no textual evidence to suggest Draco Malfoy had a crush on Hermione Granger. The Yule Ball is often the source of Malfoy’s imaginary crush on Hermione. Pansy Parkinson gaped at her as she walked by with Malfoy, and even he didn’t seem to be able to find an insult to throw at her.